SiteBoost package

Need a fixed price solution? We will optimize all aspects of your website performance for a constant fee, no matter how much time it takes.

Quick website optimization

The SiteBoost package is a suite of standard optimisation processes that we perform for a fixed price. This includes tuning some values in your server stack, CMS and identifying the simpler cases of bottlenecks. This kind of consultancy is tailor-made for small website owners who can't afford larger-scale hosting or major consultant work but need their website sped up anyway.

Use case

Order SiteBoost if you feel you can squeeze more juice from your web hosting. It works for VPS, dedicated servers and clusters. If you run a CMS, we also offer several options for sites hosted on shared hosting, even though we would never recommend running your business in a shared hosting environment.

If you have had optimization work done before (by us or by someone else) and you still feel your server is underutilized, there is little chance that SiteBoost will help. Your problem is probably much deeper and you may need some consultations. It doesn't hurt to try, anyway.

What we will do

First, we will leave our monitoring tools running for 24 hours during a workday. They will record the performance of your system over time and help us analyze what the bottleneck may be.

Once we've gathered enough data from our logging tools, we will perform a set of optimizations from the level of CMS, web server, database, all the way down to the Linux kernel. We will indicate the bottlenecks, and eliminate the ones included in the SiteBoost package.

The optimizations made include, but are not limited to:

  • Enabling web browser caching
  • Compressing text content like HTML or CSS
  • Optimizing images compression
  • Tuning PHP for optimal execution speed (often ten-fold speed increase)
  • Tuning MySQL server setings according to workload
  • Merging JS and CSS
  • Setting up CMS cache with optimal settings (file/memcached/xcache, depending on hosting)
  • Identifying slow extensions and suggesting alternatives
  • Installing Varnish HTTP cache

* Some of these optimizations may not be suitable for all websites. We will apply as many as possible.

At the end we will present you with the following:

  • A comprehensive list of all the optimizations we have made
  • A comparative measurement of loading speeds for two subpages of your website, before and after the optimization
  • A record of the utilization of your system resources, before and after the optimization
  • A list of suggestions for further optimizations outside the scope of SiteBoost

The small print note at the bottom

Sometimes you just need better hardware and no amount of tuning will help. Other times, we won't be able to perform all optimizations because of the nature of your business.

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