Website performance tuning

Have you ever wondered if you could get more out of your servers? Are you afraid that your websites may be inefficiently coded? Do you lose sleep wondering if your architecture is badly designed? We can fix that.

Optimize your site

We can improve the speed and performance of your website. We can make it run like clockwork even under the greatest strain and during expected peaks in the number of visitors. If need be, we will analyze the bottlenecks, adjust the code, reconfigure the servers and recompress the images.

We start off with front-end code: HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This is a basic, preliminary step, which nonetheless can often vastly increase performance.

Next, we optimize your backend code - be it PHP, Python or C. While this usually doesn't result in huge gains, it's useful for getting insight in how your application is working. And, especially when written by self-taught web developers, such code may hide bottlenecks or security threats.

Later on, we shift our focus to the databases. Even though we specialize in MySQL, tuning, we also know a thing or two about Postgres. Having already analyzed the code, we know just where to look for inefficient SQL queries – the scourge of every database. These can often be improved by a factor of 10, or in some instances even up to 1000.

If you feel that your application is just fine, we can also assist you moving to a larger scale infrastructure. We will upgrade you from shared hosting to a VPS, from VPS to dedicated server, and from a dedicated server to a custom-designed cluster. Fine-tuning parameters of the operating system in all of these is of course included.

Need a content-delivery network but don't know how to integrate it? We're here to help with that too.

Not sure what you really need? Ask us, we'll know.