Maneje el aumento del tráfico

¿Alguna vez se preguntó si podía sacar más provecho de sus servidores? ¿Tiene miedo de que su sitio web pueda estar codificado de manera ineficiente? ¿No puede dormir pensando en que la arquitectura de su sitio web está mal diseñada? Nosotros podemos solucionarlo.

Christmas can be hard on servers

If you're running an e-commerce website, you already know the pattern: during Christmas and Valentine's Day your revenue increases ten-fold, but so does the server load. Pages load slowly, customers are annoyed and so is your staff. Can this be avoided?

Handling more users doesn't necessarily mean getting more expensive hardware and moving from one server to another. More often than not, you can increase the efficiency of your existing infrastructure. Sometimes you could even lower the total cost of operation just by optimizing resource usage. This is equally true for servers and for other business assets.

We work with websites handling lots of traffic all the time. We know how to optimize them for speed, performance and scalability. We know how to test how much they can handle. If that's needed, we also know how to design a larger infrastructure tailored to your needs.

Google research shows that page load time increased by half a second causes a 20% drop in traffic. For e-commerce, more traffic equals more sales. Do we really need to elaborate?

SiteBoost package

Our most popular solution, the SiteBoost package, is a suite of standarized optimization processes we perform at a fixed price. It's perfect for businesses running on out-of-the-box applications like Joomla!, Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop, Satchmo, OS Commerce and similar. Read more about SiteBoost or contact us.

Paid-per-hour services

If you have your own IT staff, or you have had optimization work done before, chances are that most optimizations performed by SiteBoost are already done. Or perhaps you know exactly what you want - have HTTP cache installed in front of your web server, add a Content Delivery Network or tune your MySQL server.

We offer website performance tuning consulting paid per hour. Most contracts for work in Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP environment take about 5 to 10 hours. Contact us for specific pricing information or read more about the services we offer.

Fast hosting

Shared hosting is a nightmare. For reasons beyond your control, your website slows down or disappears from the Internet. If you ever woke up and found an email from a hosting company complaining that your business is using too much computing power and they had just suspended it, it's time to upgrade.

With MassiveVPS hosting, this is not going to happen anymore. Your website is assigned a guaranteed set of resources (CPU power, network, RAM, hard disk) that nobody else will exhaust. If it uses too much, you won't be refused service, it will simply slow down, just as a dedicated server would. Upgrading it won't be as painful as it usually is, it doesn't even require a reboot, and if you don't need the extra processing power and additional expenses, we can downgrade your server without any hassle at all. People keep calling it "cloud", but we just dont like the term.

Don't risk going offline during the hottest part of the year. Our VPS hosting starts at $15/month.

Help for developers and sysadmins

If you're an IT staff member and your employer is asking you to do the impossible, we may help with many topics, ranging from server optimization to debugging code. See what we can do for you.